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Groupon Recipients FAQ Questions



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Here are typical questions and answers for Groupon recipients.


Q: Can I drop my clothes with my Groupon voucher at one of your stores?


A: No, this Groupon deal is good for Pickup and Delivery services only. 


Q: What services can I use to redeem my Groupon voucher?


A: This Groupon deal is good for dry cleaning services only including wedding gowns 

and household items. It is not valid for laundry shirts and jeans, laundry per pound, Leathers and rugs.


Q: I have never used your services before, how can I trust you with my expensive clothes?


A: We understand your concerns and we want to assure you that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our cleaning, but don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say click here


Q: What are your prices?


A: You can find our prices at the bottom menu or click here


Q: How are you dealing with sales tax?


A: We are charging 7.125% sales tax.


Q: What if I only use part of my Groupon voucher? Will I loose the rest?

A: Yes, minimum order has the same value as your voucher value plus you have to pay sales tax.

Q: Once I used my vouchers and become a regular customer, what benefits 

will I have?

A: We have plenty to offer. 

To start with you will receive a card with $30.00 Free Dry Cleaning Services -

3 coupons $10.00 each.


Also Total Care Cleaners sends out weekly email specials Ė exclusively for existing customers, so there will always be opportunities to save again! Here is the link:

http://twitter.com/dry_cleaner  to our Twitter page, where you can check out previous specials. 


You can earn double rewards with Total Care Cleaners.

First try our Thanks Again Rewards Program

Get Cash Back 2% or  Airline Miles or Gift Cards for every dollar youíll spend with us.


Second - Spend $100.00 to unlock $15.00 Total Care Cleaners Services at Groupon


Q: How do I start services?
A: Please select SIGN UP NOW on the side menu, you will be asked to fill
required information and submit it to our server. After that your account will be created.

Now you can schedule our services by selecting REQUEST A PICK-UP on the side menu. Please enter your Groupon  barcode number in special instructions box or send your voucher with your order or email your voucher. 

If you donít have an access to the computer please call us at: 651-460-3340
We will need the following information:
Name, address, phone, shirt starch preference, email address, Groupon  reference number and your credit card number.
Q: What type of bag do I use to put my clothes in for pick up?

A: We will make you a personal bag with a badge as soon as you used all your Groupon vouchers and once you become a regular customer.
For now just leave your dry-cleaning in a plastic bag and place it outside of your front door, please print out your Groupon  voucher and include it in the bag with your cleaning. 
Q: Do I need to be home waiting for delivery?

A: In most cases our customers are not home. We will leave your clothes hanging on the hook between the front door and storm door, if you donít have a hook we will provide one free of charge.
Some customers trust us with their garage door code so we can pickup & deliver any time without calling the customer.
Q: What is the difference between VIP and Call in customer?

A: As a VIP Customer, we'll stop by your home/office twice a week (once for pick-up and once for delivery) without any contact from you.
A: As a call in customer, we'll stop by your home just when you need our services.
Q. What are my payment options?

We are accepting all major Credit Cards only.

Q. Will my credit card be automatically charged or do I have to do something to pay?

We will charge you credit card automatically, per delivery. Credit card slip will be attached to dry cleaning or laundry invoice.

Q. How do I inform you of a special instruction I may have?
A: You have s couple of options: First press the Request a Pick-up button and you will be able to enter special instructions on the form, second -  Just attach a note to your garment and our staff will do the rest! No problem.
Q: What happens if Iím going on vacation or do not need delivery for a specified period of time?

A: No problem. We will temporary store your clean garments while you are out of town or on vacation and will deliver when you return. Fill in the special instruction section or e-mail us your schedule and we'll take care of the rest.

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